What exactly is a Dermapen Treatment?

Skincare has always been a bit of a challenge for me, in my teen years I experienced terrible breakouts which I attempted to cover under layers of foundation, which I assume only made them worse Ahhh the days before we knew what primer was. I was a squeezer too. As soon as a bump emerged on my skin I was squeezing it in the bathroom mirror, if I couldn’t get it you could bet my mum would. Wonder where I got it from? 

As I got older, my imperfections started to clear up but not without a lot of trial and error of high end skincare products. These days I really only tend to get hormonal breakouts every so often. As the breakouts cleared up, out came the pigmentation, enlarged pores and scarring.


After going through a bit of a rough patch at the start of this year, my goal was to learn to love and take care of myself more. I started a 6 month skin gym at Clear Skincare Clinics recently in an attempt for perfect skin before the summer. It is quite intensive with a different treatment every two weeks, but my skin has seen massive improvement in the few sessions I have completed.

Most recently I headed into the clinic for a Dermapen treatment. If you have seen the crazy videos on the internet of Dermapen treatments where the patients’ face is covered in blood, then you can imagine how I was feeling in the lead up to my treatment. A thousand tiny needles in my face? This is going to hurt. 

When it was time for my treatment, Jess talked me through the process as she cleansed my face. She asked me if I wanted numbing cream, the answer was obviously yes! When it came time to take off the numbing cream and start the treatment I was still a little nervous but I calmed down when I realised I could not actually feel anything.

So… what actually is a Dermapen treatment you ask?


The Dermapen is a micro-needling treatment, the pen contains small needles that are designed to create micro-punctures in the surface of the skin to promote skin cell regeneration and stimulate collagen production. The needles are so small that the treatment is minimally invasive and you can barely feel the punctures (despite the needle penetrating your skin at a speed of 108 per second.) The treatment is suitable for most skin types, as you can change the intensity depending on your desired results.


Post Treatment

As the skin can go a little dry or flakey after the Dermapen treatment, Jess applied Hyaluronic Acid Serum which also helped the Dermapen to move easily across the surface of my skin.

Directly after the treatment it took about 30 minutes for the numbing cream to wear off and to be able to feel my face again. My face started going red and patchy almost instantly and lasted for about 6 hours before the swelling started to go down. I had an afternoon treatment, so by the time I woke up in the morning my skin was completely settled and felt AMAZING!


I had quite a few small imperfections on my forehead that had completely disappeared overnight and the larger ones had decreased considerably. After about 48 hours all of them were gone and my skin was completely smooth, with no texture at all. My pores were also visibly smaller.

I was expecting my skin to go dry and flakey a few days after the treatment, however, it is currently the softest it has ever been with no signs of dryness at all.

I have been using the Clear Skincare Clinics Copper Peptide Serum. The serum is water based and absorbs completely into your skin. It aids with inflammation , fine lines and also stimulates collagen in the skin. This has been a game changing product for me! I can’t go a day without it!


How often do I need to get this treatment?

You will notice results after the first treatment, usually within 1-8 weeks and you should repeat the treatment after 4-6 weeks. It is recommended to start with 3 treatments, though if you have heavy acne scarring you can continue the treatments. The more you get the better the results.

Do I recommend?

The treatments are on the more expensive side, when you compare them with a peel or microdermabrasion, but honestly this has been my favourite treatment so far! My skin took really well to the Dermapen and the results were almost instant. The texture and pigmentation on my face has improved significantly and I will absolutely continue with Dermapen treatments! To try your first Dermapen treatment for 50% off click here.

Have you tried skin needling before?


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