1882 Bar and Grill

I have passed Hall many times on road trips out of Canberra but for some reason I didn’t realise that Hall was actually in the ACT. It must have been something about setting out on a 6 hour road trip that got me mentally. I swear by the time we reached Hall that we had already been in the car for 2 hours. So as you can imagine, I was very surprised to find out that Hall is actually only 20 minutes from Canberra City.

I decided to make the (very short) trip out to Hall recently with Monique from @globetrottingals to check out 1882 Bar and Grill. I had heard good things about their food, and been following them on Instagram for a while (DROOOL!) When we arrived, I instantly felt the small town charm. The bar has a relaxed atmosphere and was filled with locals. From the photos I had seen on Instagram I was expecting pub food with a hint of fancy.


As per usual I over-ordered and ended up with waaaaay too much food – in hindsight, wearing a tight dress was a bad idea – everything on the menu sounded amazing! Of course we started with the charcuterie board. The olives were fresh, the dips were packed with flavour and the meats were next level. Everything was delicious and all of the flavours complemented each other perfectly.


For the entrees we opted for seafood, which was a strange decision for me. Being from the coast, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to seafood and don’t tend to eat much of it in Canberra. With the exception of Akiba and Raku, I am very skeptical about ordering it. But, we were here with the sole intention to review the food, so we went for it.
The Morten Bay bug was fresh, cooked perfectly and packed with flavour. It was served with a black garlic aioli which was close to, if not the best aioli I have ever had. The flavour combination was perfect.


The scallops were also very fresh, served in a lobster sauce, with a mint yoghurt crumb. The scallops took on all of the other flavours without being too overwhelming.


For mains, we opted for the beef short rib and Chinese BBQ pork pizza to share. The pizza was amazing! The char siu mayonnaise was a 10/10 and the BBQ pork was so tender. I highly recommend! All of the pizza combinations were interesting, we had trouble deciding between this one and the hoisin duck (which I intend to try next time!)


The beef short rib was without a doubt the dish of the night. The meat was so tender, it fell of the bone and just melted in my mouth. The mash was so smooth and creamy and the dish was overall amazing!


1882 Bar and Grill was so much more than I expected, it was fine dining with small town charm, an amazing wine list and an affordable price. Being less than half an hour from the city it was totally worth the trip! Hell, I drove from Tuggeranong and it was still worth the trip!

As always, if you do visit, be sure to let me know what you think!