Tan Tootie – #ATanForEverybody?

As a regular tanner since 2007, I do consider myself a bit of a Queen when it comes to fake tanning. I will admit I have had my moments, some worse than others but I have learned from them! It can be hard to find a fake tan that works for you and once you do you should never let it go. I have a handful of brands that I tend to go back and forth between depending on the type of tan I am after.

When Tan Tootie reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their new product, I was so excited but I also did have a moment of fear. Before I try a new product I get so worried. What if it goes patchy? Or worse, what if it goes ORANGE? Am I going to look like an idiot when I wake up in the morning? Then I remember that I am a blogger and that is why I try products, so other people don’t have those experiences.

Who is Tan Tootie?

Tan Tootie is an Australian Fake Tan brand that launched in 2017 with a mission to create a fake tan product that would make all of their customers feel confident and beautiful. Their aim is to cultivate inclusivity in the tanning industry by promoting their products on REAL bodies!

The products: 

Tan Tootie Self Tanning Mousse $24.95

The tanning mousse is a lightweight, easy to apply formula that dries quickly and evenly. It felt as though it melted into my skin effortlessly and it was so easy to blend out. The product is scented with Coconut and Mango, it kinda reminds me of FroYo a little bit and I am NOT complaining about that!

A little product goes a long way with this formula. I have used it 3 times now and have barely used any of the product. Once applied, the bottle suggests not to leave it on for more than 10 hours…. But, I am a risk taker. The first time I tried it, I only left it on for 4 hours and I had a nice soft glow, it was very subtle comparable with how tanned I like to be, although it was enough to give my skin some colour. The second time I left it on for 9 and a half hours and the colour turned out amazing. It was so nice and dark without having any orange undertones. I would suggest to leave it on as long as possible if you are looking for a darker tan, though if you are running late and have forgotten to tan or are taking a last minute beach trip… 4 hours is all you need for a subtle summer glow.

Self Tan Applicator Mitt Duo $11.95 

I loved the concept of the dual sized tanning mitts. It really came in handy to have a mini mitt. It was the perfect size for buffing the tan into my face, hands and feet while still having the larger mitt to make it faster and easier to use on the rest of my body. Though, the mitts were my least favourite product. For me, the quality just wasn’t there. Sure, they do the job…. Although I do feel like I am going to tear it in half if I am a bit too rough with it. If the mitts were a bit thicker or fluffier they would be much better!!!

Tan Tootie For Your Booty $22.95

Okay, let me just say… This has to be one of the best creations I have seen. I literally need one of these for every surface in the house. The Tan Tooty for your booty is a toilet seat cover that you simply place on your toilet seat when you have tan on so that you don’t smudge or leave a stain. GENIUS!!!!

Mitch honestly gets so mad at me when I am tanning, because I usually always leave a little tan stain somewhere. To the point where he sometimes refuses to tan my back (rude!) This toilet seat cover just means that there is one less surface in the house that I have to worry about.

Before I had this, I never even knew that I needed it, but now I cannot imagine tan day without it! I promise, you will love it.

Is it worth it?

Yes, yes. One million times yes! I will be adding the Tanning foam to my regulars list for sure. It is a great quality formula at an amazing price point. For $24.95 you are very much in the average price range for good self tan. (I once spent $69 on a bottle and hated it) so you really cant go wrong. While you are there you need to pick up a Tan Tootie For your Booty. It is revolutionary. If you are strapped for cash or you have a mitt that you love then you can definitely give the mitts a miss. If you are needing a mitt you can buy a pack containing the mitts, tanning foam and toilet seat cover for only $52.95. This will save you some money and give you a chance to try it yourself and make your own decision.

With Love & Bronzed Skin,

Jaime x

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