How to store Halloween costumes and decorations

Carve the pumpkins and don the scream masks, it’s that time of year again – Halloween! With all of the scary decorations and creepy costumes, finding ways to store them afterwards seems almost impossible. Don’t panic, you’ll find these nifty storage tricks to be a treat.

Keep your witches’ hats in shape with newspaper

One of the most common costumes out there can sometimes also be one of the hardest to pack. Unpacking your witches’ hat the following year always ends up a disappointment when it’s all bent out of shape. Keep the pointy end tall by stuffing it with newspaper before putting it away.


Vacuum seal costume sets together

I always run into the problem of trying to find all the little accessories that go along with some of the more complicated costumes. Avoid scrambling through ten different boxes to try and find the missing piece of the costume set. Keep all the bits and pieces together by packing them together in a vacuum sealed bag.


Label each costume set as you pack them away

Costumes are so much harder to identify if they haven’t been labelled. You don’t want to have to keep unsealing the vacuum sealed bags to find out which costume is which. Clearly label each costume set after you’ve vacuum sealed it to ensure you don’t end up mixing your superheros with your zombies.


As with your Christmas decorations, have a dedicated box for Halloween decorations

Don’t mix these two holidays up, it makes sifting through all the decorations so much harder. I always have a box for both. If you’re anything like me, your box of decorations will also grow larger and larger every year. Hiring boxes from a professional company such as Hire a Box will allow you to upgrade to different sized boxes every year without the hassle of throwing them out.

Wrap delicate costumes with acid-free tissue paper


Some costumes have a tendency to fade, especially if the fabric dye is sensitive to anything acidic. This is usually the case with cheaper costumes. Pilling on delicate costumes is also a side effect of friction caused by packing two fabrics together. Wrapping costumes with acid-free tissue paper will help to prevent pilling and also prevent the colours from fading.

This article was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire A Box  & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.


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