YSL Beauty- Splurge or save?

YSL Beauty has long been a favourite luxury brand of mine, I think it was the stunning gold and black packaging that drew me in and convinced me to spend my whole paycheck on lipstick. Or it could have just been the fact that its YSL? In my opinion, every girl should have at least one (maybe 15) YSL lippy(s) in her collection.

To this day I still remember the first YSL product that I bought, it was the Rouge Volupte #9 and it still has pride of place in my collection.

There’s no denying that YSL is on the pricey end of the spectrum, I mean it is a luxury designer brand after all…. But does the quality of the product match the price tag?

I have put together some mini reviews of my favourites aaaand not so favourites so you can decide for yourself!


YSL All Hours Primer $72

This is a very lightweight liquidy primer. The formula is very thin and spreads quite easily! It provides a nice adhesive for foundation, while being mattifying and non-sticky! I have tested this with a few foundations, and it works best with fuller coverage mattifying foundations such as YSL All Hours, MAC Studio Fix and Jouer Essential Creme Foundations. This isn’t so much an everyday primer but is perfect for a night out if you want to splurge and feel a little luxe!

YSL All Hours Foundation $89

OKUUUUUURRRRR this is hands down my favourite YSL product ever!!!! Big statement? I don’t even care! This foundation is literally everything! It is quite a thin formula and can be applied with a light-medium coverage, or built up to a full (and I mean FULLLLL) coverage. It wears nicely on the skin for a long period of time without becoming cakey or heavy. I may or may not have fallen asleep in this foundation and woken up flawless.

I have started wearing this everyday, and I kind of hate myself for it! CYA money! If you have been thinking of purchasing this foundation, trust me when I say you need it ASAP!

YSL All Hours Concealer $59

This is a nice full coverage concealer that I would actually compare in Formula to the Urban Decay Skin Concealer, although with a little less oxidisation and a little more blendability! It covers dark circles really well and only creases a little bit (I’m still yet to find one that doesn’t crease at all) Hot tip: if you leave it on for a few seconds before you blend it out, the formula will melt into your skin and blend waaaaaay better!


YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation $89

This is a nice light coverage foundation, very different to the All Hours Foundation, I found it a little harder to build up a nice coverage with this one as the formula was a bit too thin. It was really good for evening out my complexion but that was really all it did. This would be better for someone with smooth skin, no impurities or someone who just doesn’t like fuller coverage!

This one will be coming on Holidays with me!


YSL Touche Eclat $70

This is a cult favourite, and I have to say I agree with the masses. This is such a lovely silky formula that blends well, covers dark circles and brightens the under eye. Again, it is quite thin so it isn’t going to give you a full coverage, but it can be paired with a full coverage concealer to brighten and provide coverage. This is a really lovely everyday wear concealer.


YSL Rouge Tatouage $57

Many of the YSL lippies that I have tried previously have been more of a sheer transparent finish. The Tatouage Lippies to me are a hybrid of a lip tint and a liquid lippie. They are quite thin like a tint but have the colour concentration of a liquid lipstick. The colours that I have are all matte finishes and are really long lasting. I also use a couple of dots on my cheek as a blush, which I blend out quite quickly with a beauty blender before it dries! With this one being a multi use product I would definitely recommend a splurge!


YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara $57

Now, I must say before I get started on this one, that I have only tried the Gold Glitter formula, I know this range has many other coloured mascaras! The gold glitter Mascara is very versatile and if you are a festival junkie, this one is a must, its so much fun to work with and can be uused for glitter brows, glitter lashes or even as a lid glitter. The formula also works well if you want to add a bit of glitter to your highlight, again, put a bit on your beauty blender and blend it out! This one obviously isn’t one that you would wear to work on a Monday morning unless you’re feeling extra AF, but you can use it in many ways. For me this isnt one that I would splurge on, mainly because I am not going to festivals or going out all the time but if you are and you do decide to splurge then there are endless ways to use this product!

I put together an everyday look as well as a dramatic nighttime look so you could see the coverage and wearability of some new YSL releases and some old cult faves!


Now, Im not a natural gal by any means, but for this day time look I really wanted to put together a natural look that can be worn everyday. I focused on a light complexion, with some subtle colour and glow!


The products that I used for this look are:

 All Hours Primer, Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation, Touche Eclat, Rouge Tatouage shade #11 (as blush and lippie)


This looks was way more my style. Give me full glam anytime, anywhere! I decided to create a full coverage classic glam with a bold wing and red lips!


The products that I used for this look are:

All Hours Primer, All Hours Foundation, All Hours Concealer, Rouge Tatouage shade #11 (as blush) & #1 (as lippie)

Now go on babe, treat yourself!!!! What will you be picking up to try from YSL?


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