Freezeframe Instant V-Lift

Have you ever noticed when you over indulge in dessert or eat lots of pasta for dinner you wake up in the morning with a face swollen like a chipmunk with 17 chins? Nope just me? Okay then.

Seriously its a thing! My mum could always tell when I had eaten all the left over pasta out of the fridge, she used to say “I know it was you, you have Carb Face.” What a bitch right? HAHA love ya mum!

Carb face is basically when you eat to many Carbs and your body retains fluid in your face. I literally have no idea why this happens, but trust me it does and now you know about it you will notice it! Sorry!

I swear, I always look like I have an extra few chins whenever I accidentally open my front camera, so  when I heard about the new Freezeframe Instant V-Lift*, I knew I had to put it to the test.

I have tried a few Freezeframe products before, some I love and have become my holy grails (I’m looking at you Eye Boost) and others, I kind of liked but probably wouldn’t purchase again.

This product is meant to be an anti-ageing product to tighten ‘saggy’ jaw lines, that’s not something that I can really review, being only 23, but I did want to see how it worked on my puffiness and more so as a contouring product to see if it would give my jaw line a bit more definition prior to applying makeup!

What they say?

“INSTANT V-LIFT is so powerful, it is proven to lift the jawline in just 30 minutes. This is the first time a topical product has been clinically proven to have such a powerful lifting effect on what is considered the hardest part of the face to lift.”

“Our powerful deep sea technology works daily to tighten tissue deep within the skin providing a long term lifting, firming and tightening action to visibly transform and contour your jawline, chin and neck in 28 days.”

The Trial

I wanted to give the product a go to see my results compared to the clinical trials conducted by Freezeframe so I used the product daily for 28 days to document my results.

I applied the product in the morning after my normal skincare routine but about half an hour before I applied makeup. If you are time poor in the morning and don’t have time to wait half an hour in the morning between skincare and makeup then from my experiences you should still be able to apply at nighttime before bed, you wont see the instant results (mainly because you will be asleep) but you should start to see a lasting result with regular use.

The Verdict

I wanted to do a true before and after to document my results so the only way that I could do that was to take pictures before beginning to use the product, after 30 minutes and after 28 days. While I don’t notice a huge result straight away, I can really notice a difference between the before picture and the 28 days picture.



So, I don’t think this is a product that you can quickly slap on before your makeup to get a chiseled af Victoria Beckham-like jawline in an instant but I really do think with constant use it can help. If a double chin or saggy chin or even carb face is something that you are worried about and you are willing to add an extra step to your daily routine, then this is the product for you!

Freezeframe as a brand is not something that I would describe as drugstore but it is not something that I would describe as high end either. If you walk the aisles of Priceline then it will be one of the pricier ranges on the shelves but if you are used to high end or luxury skin care products or are looking for an alternative to botox then the prices in the Freezeframe range will be a pleasant surprise. The prices of the products range from $49-$99 and the Instant V-Lift falls in the middle at $69. I have been using my tube for a full month and I would say it still has about 2 months left in it! So under $30 a month seems like a small price to pay!

Have you tried anything from the Freezeframe range? I would love to hear your thoughts! Up next for me, is the Lip Injection, I can’t wait to give that a go and share my results!


2 thoughts on “Freezeframe Instant V-Lift

  1. UMM CARB FACE?! Why would you do that to me? Now I’m going to notice it! Hahaha, I definitely need to try this, my double chin game is strong when I’m at a particular angle.
    Loved the post babe! 🙂


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