BENZAC- Excess Oil Control Moisturiser

With summer well and truely upon us, it is about time I started changing up my skincare routine. Now as you know, in the winter my skin gets so dehydrated from the cool/dry weather but it th seee summer its the total opposite! My face is basically an oil slick and I get terrible breakouts!

I recently got sent the Benzac Excess Oil Control Daily Facial Moisturiser to try out. I had heard great things about Benzac so I was super excited to give it a go!


I did some looking into the moisturiser, and found that it doubles as a primer! Thats a Win Win right?

As a moisturiser I loved this product, it really did control the excess oil and made my face very matte. My pores appeared smaller and smaller with every use which is amazing because I have incredibly large pores.

I found that using the moisturiser everyday really cleared up my breakouts and imperfections. It kept my skin smooth and flawless.

I was a bit sceptical as to how it would work as a primer. I like multiple layers between my foundation and my skin so that I don’t break out.

I wanted to try it out for work to see how it would go. Theres nothing worse than going out with a beat face and having makeup that slides around because you’re trialling a new product.

I put foundation straight over the top of the moisturiser, I set my undereyes with powder but set the rest of my face with setting spray.

In terms of my staying power, my makeup stayed in place all day with no movement at all.

My foundation did seem to go slightly ‘cakey’ throughout the day, I had to spritz a few times with rosewater to keep it fresh. I think this may have been because there was no moisuture in my skin and my foundation was starting to settle into my pores.

After my trial, I was really worried that my skin was going to breakout so for the next few days I didnt wear any makeup at all. I noticed a few small spots appear on my chin and forehead, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall, I think that this moisuriser is great value for money at just $12.95 and would work really well for anyone with oily skin. It is not a product that I would suggest using if you have dry or normal skin as it does tend to get rid of any excess moisture in the skin.

You can find this moisturiser and the rest of the Benzac Range at your local Priceline or online here.

I would love to know your thoughts if you have tried the moisturiser or any other products from the range!


*While this product was sent to me for PR consideration, all thoughts are 100% my own*

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