Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review and How To

So… I bet you have all heard about the Subculture Palette right? I mean talk about causing a stir!

This palette has had so many mixed reviews so I tested it out myself to let you know my thoughts.

When I first saw this palette, I knew I had to have it. The colours were all so bold and different! I have countless palettes of cool browns, warm browns, blacks, gold glitter and berry shades. But none of these really bring me outside my comfort zone. I tend to always go for the same brown smokey eye whenever I go out! So I was definitely looking forward to playing with this.


The palette comes with 14 shades, 11 of these being mattes and 3 glitter/ shimmer shades. There are some basic browns and transition shades thrown in there but most of the shades are beautiful and bright. It’s a palette that you could create complete looks with, or just tap into for your random pops of colour.



Okay, one of my BIGGEST issues with peoples review of this palette is them complaining that it has so much fallout. OF COURSE IT HAS FALL OUT?! Super pigmented shadows always will!!!! I mean I can’t say I have ever found a black eye shadow that is ‘creamy’? If pigmented shadows are what you are after you will always have to work with the fallout. Some moreso than others.

Yes, this palette has some fallout. Especially the darker shades. I found the lighter shades in this palette were perfectly creamy, easy to use and blended well. The darker shades did have a little fallout but still blended well, with a little more effort.

Does fallout make this a terrible palette? Not by any means. In saying that it is a palette that you MUST know how to use. If you are not using it properly then you may have a bad experience.

Use and Application

Now, I dont know why all of a sudden people have started digging into their eyeshadow palettes with their blending brushes? Is that a thing?

I am not sure if that is how people are used to using their shadows or if they are just trying to make a point? But nevertheless, here are my tips to make this palette much easier to use:

1. Prime and set your lids.

Whether you prime your lids with concealer or an actual eyelid primer it is important to set them with a translucent powder. You dont try to blend your powder contour straight over your foundation (I hope). This is exactly the same theory. Powder blends with powder. Cream blends with cream?

2. Start with a transition shade

If you dip straight into the palette with the darkest shade it will be difficult to blend out. Start with one of the lighter shades like dawn or roxy in your crease to give an extra layer of depth and something for the darker colours to blend with.

3. Dip, don’t swipe.

Use a brush like the Sigma E25  to tap into the product. Once you have dipped into the product, tap off the excess. If you need to be more precise you can use the Sigma E30 pencil brush.

By swiping the shades in the pan you are only going to bring up more product that you dont need. If you dip you will bring up less product and you wont be left with a powdery mess of a palette.

4. Place on your lid

The same goes with swiping on your eyelid. As the shades (especially the darker ones) are very pigmented and a bit powdery if you swipe them onto your lid, they will not stick! This is why you are getting patchy colours. If you place the colours onto your lid they will stick much better and you can blend from there remembering that you have the lighter shades in your crease to blend into.

5. Blending.

As always, the most important step. These may take a little longer to blend than you are used to. Keep going you will get there eventually. Windscreen wiper motions blending in towards your inner corner. The Sigma E40 is my all time\ favourite blending brush



I understand the negative reviews, I really do. But people were so quick to write and film reviews slamming this palette without trying different methods of use.

First opinions are one thing, but to just give up and tell everyone it’s a terrible palette without giving it another go is a bit harsh!

When I first swatched the shades I thought ‘WOWZERS this is going to be difficult’ but I continued to play with the shades and do swatches on my hand and I found different ways of applying it to make it work.

I am not going to sit here and tell you it is the best palette I have ever used because it isn’t. I do think it could have been better.

Some of the shades are powdery, but I think in making them creamier we would have lost a lot of pigment.

If you’re only an eyeshadow beginner then this probably isn’t the palette for you as it does take some extent of experience to use.  Makeup is however completely trial and error so if you love the palette then I would not let that steer you away from buying it. If you are prepared to sit at home and practice until you get it right then you will fall in love with this palette. If you want something quick and easy for everyday use, this isn’t it.

If you have any kind of makeup experience you should have no trouble using this palette. It takes time to blend but the results you get are fantastic.

This is definitely a palette that will get you out of your comfort zone into some bright bold looks.


Tag me into your looks on instagram. I would love to see what you all create with these colours! I hope these tips helped!


*this post contains affiliate links


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