Eleanor Pendleton x Canberra Centre Beauty Masterclass

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to a beauty masterclass hosted by the Canberra Centre as part of their new beauty and wellbeing hub opening celebrations. This masterclass featured Eleanor Pendleton, founder of Gritty Pretty. 


After being sick all week, I finally got out of the house. My skin was horrendous, with my immune system being so shot recently my skin has just broken out. I don’t think I have as many pimples as I currently do!

I woke up in the morning and put my face on as follows: Primer, concealer, foundation, more concealer, a little more foundation and then I baked it all in with powder before setting it with spray. Those pimples would not be showing their heads! I was so self concious walking out the door. In fact, so self concious that the only items I bought the whole morning were skincare!

Now for those of you who dont know about Eleanor (I’m not sure where you have been hiding), she is a style influencer and beauty editor of Gritty Pretty. A good stalk through her instagram will reveal some major envy for both her wardrobe and her herself. The first thing you notice is her radiant glowing skin. Seeing her in person just confirmed that she is every bit as beautiful, inspirational and down to earth as she comes across online.


The morning started with a Q&A about her life and her business followed by a makeup tutorial for a simple day time look. The tips that she shared really resonated with me. The main point being that ‘makeup should be used to enhance your feautures, not to mask them.’ Dont get me wrong I love a full coverage beat face, black glitter smokey eye with wings to kill more than anyone And I do believe makeup is art, but on an everyday level she is sooooo right. Most people spend far too much time on their everyday makeup when what we should really be focusing on is skincare.

So, using Eleanors tips for a no makeup makeup look I created the following look:

1. For a glowing complexion always start with a liquid illuminator on the high points of your face (Cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow).

This is a step that I have been using for a very very long time. I absolutely love the look of liquid illuminator. Sometimes when I am having a good skin day this is the only product I will use. My favourite is the Nars Illuminator in Copacabana.

2. For extra glow mix a facial oil into your foundation.

This step is not just for people with dry skin! As Eleanor mentioned yesterday, facial oils are good for most skin types. Do your research and don’t just rule them out completely if you are oily. I don’t know how many times I have said this to my best friend over a course of six months, but she finally did and she thanked me for it! She is the oiliest person that I know! My favourite facial oil ever is the Oskia London Restoration Oil.

3. Bronzer is important! (And always tap your brush to get rid of the excess!)

Without bronzer the face would look very one dimensial, I mean sure you’ve got your highlight on your high points, but you need to define the hollows as well. I know without bronzer my face resembles a full moon. Bronze the hollows of your cheeks, your hairline, jawline, eyelids and any other low points on your face. Use a multi purpose bronzer to add a little contour as well if you feel like you need it. Personally I also like to contour my nose a little. My favourite for this is the Guerlain Terracotta loose brozer.

4. Finish off with mascara and a lip balm.

If you want to give your lips some colour you can use a coloured balm, but you dont need to! Embrace your natural lip colour!

5. To turn this into a nighttime look, add some brown eyeshadow and a smudged liner.

Any good day time look should be able to be turned into a nighttime look easily. Especially if youre a busy person. Add a few swipes of colour to your lid to give some depth and youre done. A smokey eye doesnt have to be perfect, thats the point of a smokey eye!



These are definitely some tips that I will be putting to use over the coming weeks! I hope these inspired you as much as they inspired me! Tag me in your looks on instagram! I would love to see all of your natural beauties.

Products Used:

The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer

Nars Liquid Illuminator- Copacabana

IT Cosmetics CC Cream- Light

The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane

LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer- light ivory

Chanel Tan de Soleil bronzer

Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Loose Bronzer

Colourpop highlighter-Wisp

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm


2 thoughts on “Eleanor Pendleton x Canberra Centre Beauty Masterclass

    1. It was so lovely to see you as well babe!
      Can’t wait to see the looks you create!!
      Will I see you at any of the other masterclasses? We should catch up for coffee before hand. xx


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