Maybelline Lash Sensational

You know when you just find a holy grail and you repurchase it time and time again? Well that is exactly how I feel about the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara! I was first drawn to this mascara about a year ago, I was sick of spending $50+ on YSL and Estee Lauder Mascaras that would dry up and start to flake after not even a month of use.

I needed a more reasonably priced product so I went on a hunt for drugstore alternatives. I picked this one up for the first time at a Chemist Warehouse 50% off sale for $9.95. Since that day, the only other mascara I have purchased is the Maybelline Mega Plush.


This mascara is the perfect balance between being too wet and too dry, for this reason it doesn’t clump and doesn’t flake throughout the day but it dries quite quickly after application.

It is buildable, so you have the option of long simple lashes or voluminous wispy lashes depending on how much you build it up. Again it doesnt clump (I mean if you’re trying to wear 4 kilos of mascara on each eye, of course it is going to clump. Duh!). Build it up slowly and you wont have any problems.


It doesn’t smudge, or transfer. The biggest problem I found with the expensive mascaras that I was using is that they would smudge, come 1.30pm I would look like someone that hasn’t slept in 4 days and needed a triple shot latte. I had mascara smudged all under my eyes. I kid you not, I used to carry around cotton tips in my bag to get rid of the smudging every few hours. This mascara has only ever smudged into my under eye once, when I was Kayaking in Ha Long Bay, and we we ended up getting caught in monsoonal rain.

The brush is precise! It comes with a plastic brush, 3 sides of the bristles are longer while one side is a bit shorter (for lower lashes).


Overall, this is my favourite mascaras of all time and you definitely need one in your beauty bag!

Do you prefer drugstore or high end mascara? And have you found your HG?



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