Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24HR Foundation Review

For the last 10 months I have been on a strict no buy for cosmetics. (Outrageous I know) I was trying to save money and I had the most ridiculous collection I needed to work through.

After hating some of them and giving them to friends, and absolutely falling in love with others I started to run out of nearly everything!! While depressing this was also super exciting because it meant it was time to try something new!

I did a little research online to see what my next high end foundation would be, to find that Lancome had recently re-released the Teint Idole 24HR Foundation. As a lover of the Teint Vissionaire, I decided that this was next on my hit list.


At only $57AUD I was pleasantly suprised, I was expecting to spend around the $80-90 mark as that is the price point of most Lancome Foundations.

If you are a regular on my blog you would know that I have Dehydrated but fairly Normal skin type.

First Impressions

I first applied this with a buffing brush, using two pumps. It applied a little patchy and I found it a little hard to blend out. Two pumps covered my cheeks and chin with a medium coverage , but did not reach to my forehead. I applied another pump on my forehead, and buffed it out, there was enough left over to blend out onto my nose. To my surprise it wasn’t streaky like most foundations applied with a brush, but it was quite patchy especially on my cheeks. I took to a beauty blender and used another pump to even everything out. After doing that I was left with quite a flawless medium-full coverage semi matte finish.



True to its word this is a LOOONG WEARING foundation. I applied at 8am and was still flawless by 9pm when I got home from work. It didn’t accentuate my pores and  it didn’t crease or separate. In saying that, it is not the most comfortable foundation, it can feel quite heavy on, like most full coverage foundations. I found that I had to spray my face with rose water every few hours to get rid off the cakey feeling.


Yay or Nay?

While this isn’t a foundation that I would recommend for everyday wear, as I said it can get a little uncomfortable. If you are looking for something that will stay put while you dance the night away then this is definitely for you! You do have to use quite a lot of product to get a full coverage look, but it is easy to build that coverage with a beauty blender and for $57 it is quite an affordable high end foundation.

While it’s not something that I would stock up on 10 bottles of just in case I ran out, I can definitely see myself repurchasing it.

If you have tried this foundation I would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to drop me a line below!


Please note: Products that I used with this foundation are:

Trial 1: Makeup Forever Hydrating primer & Makeup forever Mistnd Fix Spray

Trial 2: Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer and Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray.

* I do not use a powder to set my whole face as I find this really dries out my complexion.

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