My experience with Skinny Coffee Club

Working an office based job has really taken a toll on my health. Over the last two years I have gained just shy of 20 kilos. While I cant really blame my work for my weight gain it has definitely had an impact! What do you mean its the frothy milky coffee that I drink every day or the ice cream that I ate for breakfast? That CANT be it!!

Going from a job where I was on my feet all day and not allowed to eat while I was working to being in a position where there are always snacks around me and I can drink as many cappuccinos in a day that I want has played quite a big part.

When I was approached by Skinny Coffee Club* for a collaboration I was jumping at the opportunity to try their products! Now, I have always been a little skeptical about products that claim to make you lose weight. (LIKE HOW DOES THAT WORK?) So, I am going to put it to the test. Over the next 6 weeks, I will be updating this post every week with my progress!

20170414_105425 (1).png

So what is Skinny Coffee Club about?

Skinny Coffee Club is a coffee product (well duh?)  that is all organic. It is formulated with ingredients designed to burn fat by putting the body into a thermogenic state. It is also designed to boost antioxidant levels and remove free radicals, this helps your body to absorb more nutrients from your food.

What is in it? 


*Please note that I am not a doctor or trained health professional. All of my information comes from research on the internet. Do not rely on this information in place of medical advice.

Ground Coffee- of course (the elixir of life), contains caffeine and gets me through those long days at work without killing someone!

Ground Green Coffee- Basically this is coffee that hasn’t been roasted. It is known that when the coffee is roasted it reduces the Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is believed to help with Blood Sugar levels and Metabolism.

Siberian Ginseng- The root of this plant is used in some medicines. it is known as an ‘adaptogen’ which in simple terms means that it has the properties for strengthening the immune system and resistance to stress.

Spirulina- Contains multivitamins, a wide range of minerals and vegetable proteins.

Green Tea Extract- Well, you all know about green tea. Known to have cleansing properties and aids in weight loss. It tastes amazing too!

Garcinia Cambogia-I am almost certain you have heard of this at some point. A few years ago it was a massive thing! All over the internet it was known as some sort of miracle drug! Essentially its just a citrus fruit that is grown in Asia, research has proven that it aids in weight loss but some of the studies are inconclusive.

The Test!!

Now, I’m not going to go all out and start exercising like crazy over the next month and tell you that it is a miracle and that it works! That is not what I am about!

For the first two weeks I will be sticking to my current diet, which no it may not be the best but hey, gotta try it right?

For the following two weeks I will start light exercise a couple of times a week.

Then, I will completely change my diet for the next two weeks as well as continuing on with the light exercise!


Current Weight: 64.9kgs

(yes, I have taken before pictures but I don’t want to share them until the end of my trial)

For those of you that would like to do this trial with me, you can use the code ‘JAIMEX’ to save yourself some money. (this is not an affiliate code)

Week 2 Update 

So after two weeks, I wouldn’t say that I am super impressed with this, but hey, I knew i wasn’t going to lose 10 kilos straight away. After the first week I was starting to feel a little less bloated throughout the day and I was starting to notice a difference in my face but not soo much my stomach or any other areas of my body. Although I have lost 1.8 kilograms so far.


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