Foodie Adventure- Melbourne

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (Jaiimeee) I spent my birthday weekend this year in Melbourne, with my partner, my sister and my besties. We spent the whole time eating and shopping. If you live in or have ever been to Melbourne, you would understand that the above were done with good reason!

We arrived in Melbourne late on Thursday night, and checked into our Airbnb apartment. This was the first time we have used airbnb and it was actually really awesome. Our apartment was right in the middle of the city, close to the casino, shopping centres and Etihad stadium. If you havent used Airbnb yet, I definitely recommend it! If you sign up with this link you can save some money on your first stay!

Anyway, lets move on to the real reason you’re here. THE FOOD!

Royal Stacks

We arrived in Melbourne at about 9pm on the Thursday night and after a 7 hour drive it’s safe to say I was getting Hangry. After checking into our hotel we made our way down Collins street to see what we could find. We ended up at Royal Stacks and DAMN! I am glad we did!


Between the 3 of us we ended up with 2 Bacon Bacon’s, a Double stack and a side of cheese fries. Just think: American Cheese, Bacon, Pickles and double beef. It definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. I can say this is definitely in the top 5 burgers I have ever had!

Higher Ground

For brunch on Friday, we decided to hit up Higher Ground, I had seen their gorgeous pictures all over instagram and couldn’t wait to try it out. When we arrived, it was quite busy. So we sat down in their outdoor courtyard and ordered a coffee while we waited for a table. We didnt wait for long, we were called inside after about 10 minutes.

My hotcake was delicious and beautifully decorated with edible flowers fresh fruit and grains. It wasn’t too dense and the ricotta and blueberries gave great flavour.


However, Mitchell was left a little disappointed with the Eggs Benedict as it was totally bland! He described it as ‘basically a toasted sandwich with an egg thrown on top.’ Which was, exactly what it was. Serrano ham and Emmental cheese toasted between two pieces of sourdough, topped with a poached egg and bernaise sauce. While it was a great idea, the execution was poor. The sourdough was cut way too thick and the sauce had no flavour!

As we ate brunch pretty late we didn’t end up eating anything for the rest of the day, until after the Justin Bieber concert when we grabbed a bite to eat at the Casino.

White Mojo

On Saturday we spent the day with some friends, and headed to White Mojo for brunch. The main selling point for the decision was that they had Matcha on the menu!!

When we got there the line was huge! We had to put our names down to get a table. We ended up waiting for about 40 minutes to get inside and we were contemplating heading somewhere else but the lines everywhere in the vicinity were just as long!

Once we got inside we were starving. It was about 1pm at this point!! We all ended up ordering different variations of the big breakfast, and we were all left satisfied with the decision. My poached eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was packed with flavour! The Matcha Latte, well it was good but I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve ever had? (I may be biased but I mean, brunch and coffee are the best things about Canberra, and so far nothing beats the Matcha Latte at DoubleShot.)


A25 Pizzeria

After another day of shopping the city we decided to head to A25 Pizzeria for dinner. We stumbled past in the morning while waiting for our table for brunch. $18 pizza’s? We obviously couldnt refuse.

By the time we got here we were all so tired and had sore feet and were maybe a little tipsy after a few drinks at the rooftop bar so we forgot to take pictures. Oh my god! The food was absolutely delicious.

We started with the arancini and Caprese Salad (with proscuitto of course), both which were packed full of flavour and were excellent sized portions. We managed to share each dish between 5 of us! For mains to share we ordered the Margherita pizza with Proscuitto, the Bunga Bunga pizza and a lasagne. I just cant even begin to describe how delicious everything was. It all tasted fresh had and lots of flavour. The staff were so polite and friendly.

The best part is, even with drinks we paid just over $150 to feed five people, now that is absolutely unheard of!! I highly suggest you check out A25 if you’re in the Melbourne area.


Okay, so it may just be because I’m not too familiar with Melbourne, but in a city known for its food do you know how hard it was to find a dessert cafe that was open after 9pm? Well, it was really hard! We googled for a good 25 minutes before we came across Dex2rose. But when we found it it was everything I needed and more. I had been taken to sugar heaven!

We ordered the Ghetto Gaytime Gelato and the Charcoal Chocolate Chip Waffles. The waffles were delicious, they were light, fluffy and not dense at all! We were originally thinking of ordering the waffles with chocolate gelato and chocolate sauce, but we subbed out last minute for salted caramel. I’m not usually one to say this but I think it may have been a chocolate overload otherwise! If you are in Melbourne, and have a super sweet tooth like me then I 100% recommend this place!


Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co

Sunday rolled around and I was totally not ready to head home just yet. We had a sleep in so we didn’t really make it out for breakfast. We grabbed a starbucks walked around the city for a bit and got in a spot of last minute shopping, then headed over to Betty’s Burgers for lunch.

Now, I am a total burger fanatic (which is probably the main attribute to my recent weight gain.) I can honestly say that this burger was EVERYTHING!! Such a simple burger yet soooooo good! It was amazing.


Some may think I am crazy and that a burger is just a burger. Let me stop you right there. Burgers are easy to do (have you ever had a terrible burger?) but they are hard to perfect.There are so many elements to a great burger and Betty’s have nailed it! the sauce was delicious, the meat was full of flavour, the bun was light and the salad:meat ratio was perfect. I will most definitely be back!!

I would love to know what your favourite places to eat in Melbourne are, do you have any ideas of places that I should check out on my next visit?


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