Viviscal Densifying Range

Hair problems? I can relate!

I must admit, I do have quite thick hair, but not because I have a lot of it, rather I have coarse hair. And, when my hair falls out as much as it does it’s a surprise I have any left! I am the type of person that leaves a pile of hair behind whenever I brush! It’s kinda gross actually. I often hear my partner say things like “THERE IS SOO MUCH HAIR IN HERE!!” and “How do you even have any hair left? I vaccuum up like a kilogram everytime”

So when I was sent the entire Viviscal Densifying range to try out I was so excited because I had heard so many great things. Have a read if you want to know my thoughts….

The products

The range comprises of the *Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir. The Shampoo and conditioner retail at $19.95aud for 250mls while the elixir retails at $34.95aud for 50mls. They are available at both Priceline and the Viviscal online store.


First Impressions

When I first received these I opened the package and I instantly fell in love with the vibrant pink packaging. It was just gorgeous! When I opened it up I was a little bit shocked at the smell! It took me a while to figure out what it smelled like. Its a kind of a fruity but woody smell with a hint of eucalyptus. I mean I don’t hate the smell, I’m just not sure I love it either! It is very different from your regular floral shampoos.

Initially I was planning on a 7 day trial of these products, but I feel like 7 days wasn’t really a great amount of time to decide whether or not I loved these products and whether they worked for me! I decided to try them out over a period of a month so my results would be a little more accurate.

My experience…



While I didn’t notice a difference straight away, I continued to use all three products. I definitely saw a difference after about two weeks. I noticed less hair fall in the bathroom, my hair brush was getting less and less clogged with hair and the overall appearance of my hair was healthier and thicker. In saying that I did notice that it started to lose its shine after about 3 weeks.

I do generally use a treatment through my hair about once a week to keep it looking shiny. I did not want to hinder the trial but in the end i could not help myself!! I used the Redkin All Soft treatment (the treatment that I usually use) and I am so glad that I did. My hair was not only thicker and healthier than ever but it has it’s shine back.

I would definitely recommend these products, however, the elixir is definitely not enough to keep the hair shiny so I do recommend using a treatment once a week.

Have you tried anything from the Viviscal Range? I would love to hear your thoughts!!


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