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I am currently in the process of planning my trip to the USA. *excited squeals* Over the next few months I will be sharing multiple posts on the best ways to save money and be organised when planning an overseas holiday.

We are planning to head over in December/ January. Yes, I know it is Winter and it will be cold. But if you had ever travelled with my partner, you would understand why travelling in Summer is not ideal. Mitchell absolutely hates travelling when it’s hot. He complains  A LOT (sorry babe). Granted, it was not cold when we were in Vietnam, and we had to stop for drinks every block that we walked. Besides that, Christmas in New York City? YES PLEASE!

For someone who is so unorganised in every day life, I plan to the minute when I travel. There are just so many things that I want to do that I feel like I need to squeeze in!

So, this is my draft itinerary so far. Enjoy. ❤


When the average winter temperature in a city is about 24 degrees in the middle of winter, how could I not take advantage of that? While we only have 3 nights in Florida, there are just so many things that I want to do! Initially I was contemplating heading up north to Orlando rather than staying in Miami but after doing some more research and I think I would rather stay down south. The main thing on my bucket list is a road trip down to Key West past all of the beautiful Florida Keys. Snorkelling is definitely a MUST!

Image result for m timothy okeefe florida keys

Credit: M. Timothy O’Keefe


From Miami we are leaving on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and I am already prepared for all the pina colada’s I’m going to be drinking.  The Caribbean has always been on my bucket list,  so when I saw how cheap it was I knew I just had to! We have booked a seven night cruise aboard the Carnival Glory. I chose this cruise because it had four ports, rather than three or two that the others had. We will be stopping at Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas; St Thomas, Virgin Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. We paid roughly around $550USD per person for the seven nights, which I thought was a pretty reasonable price considering all meals are included! The real cost was in the drinks packages which were $59USD per person per day, But even factoring this in we figured that we would have spent more than this if we just stayed in the one city somewhere for a week!

Image result for san juan puerto rico


New York City

New York, New York! The sole reason that we are heading to The States. Ever since I was young, I have wanted nothing more in life than to explore every corner of the big Apple. While a week probably won’t cut it, it’s a start.

We will be arriving in NYC the week before Christmas and will be staying at the Park Lane Hotel, overlooking Central Park. There are soooo many things that I want to do in NYC but at the top of my list is to watch the NYC Ballet performance of The Nutcracker on Broadway and Window shopping (or actual shopping) on 5th Avenue as well as all the general touristy things!

Did someone say pizza and bagels? Because I will be all over that too!!

Image result for new york skyline hypebeast



We haven’t looked too much into what we want to do in Dallas apart from eat!! We only decided on Dallas in the last few days as we needed a stop to fill the gap between NYC and Vegas. So if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Image result for dallas skyline

Las Vegas

Casino’s, nightclubs, stage shows and buffets (is anyone starting to see a trend here?) need I say more! We haven’t found a resort that we are both in love with yet, not one that is affordable on New Years Eve anyway! I have done some research on Vegas for new years, they shut the whole strip down and have a street party. So far we are undecided as to whether we just party on the strip or actually go to an event!!

The only thing that is for sure while we are in Vegas is a day trip to the Grand Canyon!

Image result for vegas


California Coast

Once we’re done giving ourselves alcohol poisoning and gambling our life savings away, we are flying into San Francisco and hiring a car and spending a week road tripping to Los Angeles down the Pacific Highway. Some spots that we want to stop at along the way are Monterey, Big Sur National Park, Solving, Venice and Santa Monica. At this stage we are unsure whether or not we will be staying in each then overnight or just stopping for a meal and a little walk around before getting on the road again. This part of the trip we are hoping to just go with the flow, and plan when we’re there.

Image result for california coast


We will hopefully arrive in LA with a few days to spare for some shopping and a trip to Disneyland, before the long journey home and reality kicks in again!

Image result for tara milk tea disneyland


10 months to go!!!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, of things to do, places to stay and eat or even other places that we can go! I would love to hear them!!


2 thoughts on “USA Itinerary

  1. So I live in the US at the moment and this itinerary looks super fun. I have a couple of suggestions and you could check out my blog you may find some of it interesting and useful?
    So I haven’t actually been to Texas but have lots of friends who have and suggest San Antonio or Austin rather than Dallas. Also if you were looking for somewhere else in between NY and Vegas I have heard nashville is amazing. Or you could even spend more time in Florida so you can go to Orlando. I have been to magic kingdom at Orlando Disney and LA Disney They are the same thing. Except if you go to Epcot, animal kingdom or Hollywood studios. Basically Orlando has more parks. Not sure if you wanted to do anything around New York area too but Boston is amazing and about 4 hours from New York. I had two full days there and it was enough for me 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions about the USA 🙂


    1. Hey girl,

      Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will definitely check them out! Boston looks lovely, I just don’t know that we will fit it in this time. I will take a look at Nashville and the other places in Texas. I will be sure to contact you if I have any questions 🙂 xx


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